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at UNH

Strengthening policies and practices to address gender imbalance in STEM disciplines.
The ADVANCE PAID program is funded by the National Science Foundations (NSF) (Grant #0930231) August 2009

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Karen Von Damm Leadership Development Grants

The Karen Von Damm Leadership Development Grants provide funds to support STEM women faculty to pursue leadership opportunities. The grant was named to honor the late Dr. Karen Von Damm, UNH professor and internationally renowned leader and chemical oceanographer.

2013 Karen Von Damm Leadership Development Grant Recipient

julie bryce  

Jo Daniel, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
This award will support her teaching while she takes on leadership positions as Civil Engineering Graduate Program Coordinator, and as Chair of the Scientific Committee for an international professional conference. 

2012 Karen Von Damm Leadership Development Grant Recipients

julie bryce  

Julia Bryce, Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
This award will allow her to continue her scholarly work while serving as Department Chair in Earth Sciences. Ultimately, this will enhance her leadership role at the university and within the geosciences community.

jennifer jacobs

Jennifer Jacobs, Professor, Civil Engineering
This award will support for research and teaching projects while she serves as faculty lead in the next phase of creating the School of Earth and Environment School— a leadership opportunity within the university and in Earth and environmental sciences.

alynna lyon  

Alynna Lyon, Associate Professor, Political Science
The Karen Von Damm Grant will provide support for her teaching while she is completing a book examining "United States Relations with the United Nations in an Era of Globalization." Her research makes bridges between hard science and social sciences. The grant will support both her contribution to her department and her research.

2011 Karen Von Damm Leadership Development Grant Recipients

serita frey  

Serita Frey, Professor, Natural Resources and the Environment, COLSA and Faculty Chair of the Natural Resources and Earth System Science PhD program, UNH's largest PhD program. This funding will provide summer salary to support her leadership roles both professionally and within UNH.

lynn kistler


Lynn Kistler, Professor, Space Science Center, EOS and Department of Physics
This award will enhance her leadership roles both at the university and in her scientific community. The award will allow her to pursue a "Mission of Opportunity" proposal under the auspices of the NASA Explorer Program, which provides a chance to fly a US instrument on an international mission.

2010 Karen Von Damm Leadership Development Grant Recipients

jessica bolker


Jessica Bolker, Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Zoology; Assoc. Dir, Shoals Marine Laboratory.
The award allows her to furher her work on UNH's role and partnerships at the Shoals Marine Laboratory. Her new undergraduate course "Marine Immersion," designed specifically for UNH freshmen, utilizes the facilities at Shoals Marine Laboratory.

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