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Transforming Earth Systems Science Education

TESSE Faculty and Staff

Dillard Univ. * Elizabeth City State Univ. * Penn. State Univ. * Univ. of NH
Back Left- Missy Smith, Karen Von Damm,
Erik Froburg, Tanya Furman, Bill Porter,
Steve Hale, Joel Johnson, Dave Brown

Front Left- Julie Williams, Laura Preston,
Laura Guertin, Abdalla Darwish, Karen Graham,
Julie Bryce, Ruth Varner, Sue Henderson

Not Shown- Liza Finkel
University of New Hampshire

Julie BryceJulie Bryce – Associate Professor of Geochemistry and Volcanology


Liza Finkel Liza Finkel – Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Graduate School of Education and Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Portland State University (Oregon).

Erik FroburgErik Froburg – Education & Outreach Specialist, UNH Leitzel Center

Karen GrahamKaren Graham – Director, UNH Leitzel Center and Professor of Mathematics Education

Stephen HaleStephen Hale – Research Associate, UNH Leitzel Center

Stephen Hale Joel Johnson Associate Professor of Geology
Marine Geology and Sedimentology

Ruth VarnerRuth Varner – Research Associate Professor
Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space and Department of Earth Sciences

Dillard University

Abdalla Darwish – Professor of Physics
Optics and Laser Physics

Elizabeth City State University

Bill Porter – Associate Professor of Geography
Urban Geography

Pennsylvania State University

Tanya Furman – Professor of Geosciences

Laura Guertin – Assistant Professor of Earth Science
Earth Science and Geoscience Pedagogy

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